Tuscan Ridge Estate Winery Zinfandel 2014

Grape(s): Zinfandel

Date: fall 2018

Producer: Tuscan Ridge Estate Winery

Where: direct from producer, on site or mail order.

Also try local Nor Cal retailers that support independent producers.

Located in the small northern town of Red Bluff, California this boutique was voted Best Winery two years in a row. This wine has teeth. Fortunately, the producers managed to find an equilibrium among big, red zin’s natural assets and the final abv that can sometimes run the way of the wild in lesser medleys. TRE’s zin comes in at 15.1% with the right amount of craftsmanship to bring out its robust aromas and flavors. The color is a deep, velvety hue. The aroma and taste get right to the point, in an amalgamation of mixed-berry jam, purple florals and spices that include black currant, red and black plum, fig, cinnamon, violet, black pepper and smoked meat along with notes of new leather. This is not the delicate pink stuff from the 90s. Rather, a full-on meaty pronunciation of Z-I-N.

Suggested pairings: Beef, lamb, veal, BBQ pork. Medium to heavily sauced tomato and basil pasta plates. Cheeses like ricotta, blue cheese, Roquefort, gorgonzola or Danish blue.