Skinny bottles can wear anything

Way to re-purpose everybody!

When did empty wine bottles become so versatile? If they're not taking up space in my recycle bin, they're already deposited and en route to the sorting center. But thanks to Etsy, Pinterest and craft expos, those empties are getting resuscitated as art. Granted, some may call it 'soup can art', but it worked out damn sweet for Andy Warhol, thank you very much! If it shoves past the bottle neck, you can bet it's for sale this weekend from a town fair booth near you.

Do You All Day

New game: Ready? Sip. Go!

You: sand

Me: pebbles

You: flowers

Me: mini string lights

YOU: mini pine cones

ME: dish liquid

YOU!: haha, hand soap

ME!: old buttons

YOU!!: artisanal roasted nuts

ME!!: brightly colored pickled fruit

YOU!!!: MARBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My cousin on the sofa watching youtube: tiny seashells


Oh yeeeeeaaaaah...forgot about those