Nature et Vins (natural wine event)

Of course the 2019 Natural Wine Event would be held at Parc Florale. This beautiful botanical garden is located a short walking distance from Château de Vincennes southeast of Paris. For an exceptional summer Saturday getaway from the city pace, hop onto metro line 1 and ride it to the end to get lost in beauty.

For an entrance fee of only one euro (!), this was an event not to be missed sponsored by the the Vignerons Indépendants (independent winemakers) - a trade group formed to support and protect the independent wine makers of France. As anticipated, I found a bevy of hidden treasures and tasted as many as I could before taking a crucial baguette break and diving right back in. Wines and winemakers from every major, and a few minor, regions of France presented their best and brightest natural wines putting and end to the myth that natural wines lack style and quality. There were quite a few impressive selections and I've reviewed a couple of my faves under the heading NWE if you'd like to read more.


How clever were the coordinators of the first ever Paris Coffee Show to schedule their debut on the same day AND right next door? Obviously, after all that tasting, I had to hit it up! Pics included below because coffee lovers love their toys, too.