LWF favorites recap: Winners Win!

Grape (s): Saperavi 💯 from the Kondahli vineyards of the Kakheti wine region in the Georgia Republic

Producer: Marani

Where: here or your favorite importer

Winners win🏆. It's what they DO. Then they eat a steak. Or a grilled portobello if you prefer. Dry reds from Georgia really impressed me today @london_wine_fair . With a complex profile of fig, blackberry, dark cherries, cranberry, brushed suede, dogwood and a spoon of earl grey (to keep it interesting 😉), it's no surprise to see Marani Saperavi on the podium. Extra points for being bio. Mellow malo and velvet tannins abide with a deliberate acidity and long finish giving this intense wine a winning bite you won't soon forget 👀.

Note: I couldn't post this review fast enough. This was my first wine of the day and a real home run.