LWF favorites recap: *Love me in a special way

Quello Semi-Sparkling White Wine

Grape (s): Trebbiano-based white blend sourced from Emilia-Romagna vineyards of Northern Italy

Producer: Roberta Sergio

Where: Whole Foods, Selfridges, Sourced Market

version française

I first tried Quello in London over a year ago. Got it at Whole Foods, I think. Contrary to the last can I reviewed, this is a wine I can sip at a party and respect in the morning. It's not trying to fool you with juice concentrate or play immature carb-load mind games. It's properly canistered with a silver slim physique that says "We look good together." A monogamous single-serve 6.6 (ounces, you dirty minded thing) ensures it's all yours for the sipping. If I were doing shots with Quello, I'd introduce it to my Prosecco friends. At 2.5 atm, they'd surely click since they're both astrologically frizzante. In fact, the fizz of this particular frizz is much more sprinkled winks and less beach ball bubbles like so many of the other cans out there. Plus its got less of that canny aftertaste and a true sparkling wine vibe through and through. Or so it was for the one I sampled. A residual sugar of 6.5% make it great as a cocktail hook up with Aperol or Campari.

Are you in the mood now? Relax, it's o.k. to admit a can did it. *Take a minute for this throwback lovin' slow jam.