Babich 2017 Sauvignon Blanc

Grape(s): Sauvignon Blanc

Producer: Babich Winery, Marlborough, New Zealand

Where: Trader Joe’s

I’m a fan of Trader Joe’s commitment to wine diversity. It used to be that overpriced plonk was the only thing I could find on the internationals half-shelf in my local big box retailer. The worst suppliers were sorely lacking in selection and if I wanted to walk away with anything akin to good wine, I had cruise over to the six-aisle section of the store I liked to call the California oasis.

This little number comes from the folks at Babich Wines, a family owned company in the heart of the South Island's most productive sub-region, Marlborough. There’s a lot of Sauvignon Blanc coming from this corner of the globe and fortunately, some of the better to best has begun to make their way to distant shores. The like about this wine is its unpretentious affect. It's New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. It’s not trying to be white Bordeaux. Zippy lemon-lime and pineapple underline prominent gooseberry and exotic fruit flavors. The chipper mouth-watering acidity adds to the clean finish that could leave you with an empty glass long before the appetizers arrive.