2018 Dusk to Dawn, rosé Pinot Noir

Grape (s): Pinot Noir

Producer: Dusk to Dawn vineyards, Sonoma County, California

Where: Trader Joe's

It's 5 o'clock at the end of a long, trying Wednesday. It's also 98 degrees in my Nissan. Windows down. A/C up. Finally, windows back up as my mind shifts to the barefoot drive home and a glass of this rosé after a long, hot shower. Chilled, of course.

While much of the northern hemisphere calls this time of year spring, in California spring feels more like everyone else's blazing hot summer.

From a small, certified sustainable vineyard in the town of Graton, this west Sonoma County wine hit the spot for an at-home happy hour wind down.

Light, dry and satiating, this is one to ponder with an aromatic bunch reminiscent of a Saturday morning corner fruit stand. Or, skip the deep thoughts and pour a glass to forget about the day over a plate of grilled salmon while flipping through a glossy magazine for no other reason than it's glossy and the model's shoes are as mouthwatering as the wine. Crease as many corners as you like and get lost in the shear fruity pleasure of red delicious apple, starfruit, honeydew and juicy red plum.

Oh, and get those shoes. You earned 'em!