2018 Nuit Blanche

Grape(s): Syrah,Cinsault,Grenache,Rolle

Producer: Chateau L'arnaude by Bréban,


Where: local merchant (Paris)

It's 107°F (42°C) and Paris feels like the layover on a trip to hell ! In a country where air conditioning remains a luxury, a rosé on the rocks does double duty as thirst quencher and fruity alternative for the quick interlude between gallons of water . One could be forgiven for calling out this work day to marathon through the agony from the red recliner of a dark, air-conditioned cinema. I mean, exceptional heat requires extra measures! Frosted glasses high with hope for the thousands of struggling hectares across France some of which have already succumbed to the last month's heat wave. And to the many that will yield under today's torturous rays, a sip of bounding acidity, leaping bursts of red berries and mirabelle plum on a subtle peony breeze from this Syrah/Cinsault/Grenache/Rolle blend reminiscent of Provence on better days. Better seasons in fact, as the reports continue of starving vines and damaged crops. It's a rough day to be human in this heat and a tough summer for vines. Cheers to the weekend rains. May they bring drops of relief to all!