2017 #V17R, South Australia

Grape (s): 90% Grenache, 10% Mataró (Mourvèdre)

Producer: Wild and Wilder, South Australia

Where: Giddy Grocer in London. A locally owned, independent shop in the borough of Southwark that supports regional artisans and innovative producers.

Can you knot a cherry stem with your tongue? Good job if you can, but for me it has always been an elusive endeavor best left to the barside lingual acrobat - of which there is always one - at the office holiday party. Go for it, I'd cheer. Spontaneous pre-meal entertainment? You'll get no gripes from me or my red vodkatini.

Tabula Rasa's 2017 old vine grenache, #V17R, faintly reminds me of every failed attempt to perfect the cherry tie trick. Plump red fruit and baked cherry tart edge out woodsy mushroom notes hovering above a faint line of white pepper throughout. At 14% abv, it's a step up on the alcohol scale but the opulent fruit and smooth tannins leave a silky impression overall. This wine's appealing mouthfeel can be an easy-drinking solo project or one that can comfortably pair with a variety of appetizing foods like soft cheese, multigrain pasta and cured meat.