The Coravin trial: 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Besides having endured the cruelty of repeatedly telling his tale via the Living Label app, this pour soul was further subjected to the folly of my 10-month Coravin trial until he was finally put out of his misery on 6.22.19 when the cork was pulled and the empty bottle interred in the recycler.

Wine: 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon,

19 Crimes, South Eastern Australia

Storage conditions: horizontal in a Liebherr Vinothek temperature-controlled bordeaux red “cellar”

Temperature: 13 C/ 55 F

First piercing: 8.26.18

Total piercings: four

Uncorked: 6.22.19


Subjectively, I'd say this wine retained about ninety percent of its original freshness with faster deterioration between the third and fourth piercing coinciding with a switch from the standard needle to the wide version. As the gauge of the latter is larger in order to accommodate a faster pour, there may have been some compromise in the unit's ability to completely prevent oxygen entry. Other factors may include deterioration of the cork's piercing point from repeated penetration, an unalterable factor given the fixed positioning of the device's bottle neck clamp and therefore exact entry point of the needle. Still, the spices, black fruit, dark chocolate, mellow tannin and feisty 13.5 % abv remained present and accounted for by bottle's end.

Conclusion: rather impressive.