2015 Savennières, Clos de la Marche

Grape (s): Chenin Blanc

Producer: Domaine du Petit Métris

Where: Salon de Vigneron Indépendant

version française

Living in the city, I forget what clean air smells like. It's all diesel and fish market. Even my tiny apartment carries last night's dinner in the air for at least half a day. Though I meant to let it sit a bit, Chenin day was my excuse for opening up this little number with a big nose. The intensity hit me before the first drop touched the glass. It was like being teleported to a tropical island escape. Blooming elderflower, orange blossom, plump honeydew, juicy pineapple, fresh peach and ripe apricot exhaled from the bottle with a summer breeze minerality that was like waking up on cream-colored satin sheets with an open window to a sunrise view of paradise. Two drops dripped on my wrist as I supped in the clean sky high acidity and pondered a subtle nuttiness before kicking back for another glass.